Fridagaciak + Baby Caro =One fun Trio

Fridagaciak + Baby Caro =One fun Trio

Top Models, Frida Gustavvsaon and Jac Jagaciak are the best of friends, one of my previous postings talked about their special bond, and their name Fridagaciak. Fridagaciak also has a close bond to top Danish Model, Caroline Brasch Nielson who they have been seen around with. My really close friend, Emma and I like to pretend that we’re Fridagaciak. I’m Frida because I’m really into fashion just like she is and I look a little like her, while Emma is Jac because she likes fashion, but she also has other interests like Music, just like Jac who she looks a little like. Emma and I see our good friend Vanessa to be like Baby Caro because she’s one of our good friends that we both really enjoy, just like Fridagaciak really likes Caroline. In the photo Jac poses in a white Valentino dress, Frida next to her in a tan dress, and Caroline in jeans and a very Chic cream colored top, at a Valentino Party.


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