Trend Report – Twiggy Lashes


Twiggy, was the Iconic Supermodel from the 1960s who had short hair and long, black eyelashes, that everybody wants. This Iconic Beauty, has shown off her eyelashes which became a trend in the 1960s, now the runways wanted to bring back the Classic staple. It was seen at many shows from Gucci to Moschino to Burberry Prorsum.

All you need to do to get this Classic Beauty staple, is to put a few coats of mascara on top and bottom eyelashes, making them look long and black. You may also need to curl your eyelashes and separate them, depending on your eyelashes. Also, the amount of mascara you put on will depend on the color of your eyelashes. For instance, my eyelashes are long and black so I don’t really need to put on too many coats of mascara, as long as I curl them.

Lindsey Wixson shows off the trend at Moschino Spring 2013. Sigrid Agren shows off the trend backstage at Michael Kors Spring 2013.


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