Trend Report – White + Paisley

Trend Report - White + Paisley

Since the Spring 2012 season, the Classic print, Paisley has been at star on the runways. White joined Paisley in being a runway star during the Fall 2012 fashion season.
You can wear Paisley on your dress, skirt, shirt, or anything else. It’s a Very Chic print that has been around for centuries. Even fashion designer Ralph Lauren agrees. You can dress it up, dress it down, and you wear the print in about any color. So there’s a million options for you to find the right paisley print for you.
White has also been a major trend, seen at every Spring and Fall 2013 show from Chanel to Tommy Hilfiger to Emilio Pucci. White is a Classic shade that just everybody just can’t seem to get their hands off of. You can wear a Chic head to toe white dress, skirt, jacket, or a suit in the Spring and Summertime. While opting for a White Blazer, Long Sleeve dress, or a sweater in the Fall and Wintertime. There are many options just with White, just make sure that you be careful about what you wear in the fall if it’s white, you don’t want to go with a Spring or Summery looking piece of clothing for the winter or fall otherwise you’ll look silly.
The Great thing about these two Classic trends, White and Paisley is that there are endless options to how you wear them, and they can be worn both in the Spring and in the Fall. The only thing you have to look out for is that you don’t look too Springy in the Fall or Wintertime.

Supermodels Arizona Muse and Lindsey Wixson show off the trends.

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