Cara Devlingne Covers the June 2013 Debut Issue of British Miss. Vogue


British Vogue decided to come up with a younger spin off to their magazine, kind of like how in America they have American Vogue and Teen Vogue, for teenagers who are interested in fashion. So British Vogue created Miss. Vogue, which debuted with their June 2013 issue, which the cover was released yesterday. And who wouldn’t be a better cover star than Britain’s own, Super fun, Aspiring Actress, Drummer, and Supermodel all at once, Cara Devlingne. The Face of Burberry Prorsum, showed off her new cover on her Facebook fan page, yesterday May 1st in the morning.
The Supermodel wears a Gray crop top t-shirt, very Chic for the season with a pink sequined crop top on top. Sparkles were a HUGE trend at Spring 2013 fashion week and so was the exposed midriff, aka a crop top. Cara also wears a matching pink sequined skirt, to match the Beautiful pink flowers that were used in the background of her Flawless British Miss. Vogue cover.
Judging by Cara’s cover on the debut issue of British Miss. Vogue, it looks like British Miss. Vogue will be a Hit magazine, not only with the cover but also with the contents of it too.

Here’s Cara’s cover.

Do you like Cara’s cover for the debut issue of British Miss. Vogue? Do you think that Cara deserved to be in the cover? Do you like the flowers int eh background and Cara’s outfit for the cover? Do you think that British Miss. Vogue will be a hit magazine?

Share your opinions in the comments section.

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