Karl Lagerfeld shows his Beautiful Resort 2014 Collection today in Singapore

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As you may already know, favorite clothing brand is Chanel, and Karl Lagerfeld is my favorite fashion designer along with Coco Chanel, also my favorite model is Sigrid Agren, the current Chanel Chance, Chanel Le Rouge, and Chanel Jewelry face, who has NEVER missed a Chanel show since her Spring 2009 runway debut. So whenever there’s a Chanel show, it’s a pretty exciting time for me.

Today, Karl Lagerfeld presented his ALWAYS beautiful and Classy Chanel collection in Singapore, the day after the Once Upon a Time Chanel film, starring Keira Knightly and Lindsey Wixson premiered in Singapore. The Chanel was GORGEOUS!!!!!! Showing off lots of white, lace, Navy, Chic Spring Knits, Silver Great Gatzby style drape necklaces, Monochrome, and Beautiful Graphic prints. The models wore blue eyeshadow with a touch of black eyeliner, with their hair put up to look like a very Edgy short do. For a very edgy and Classy Chanel girl this Resort season.

Karl’s current muse, Ashleigh Good opened and closed this fascinating show, yet again!!!!! Ashleigh Good also opened and closed the Chanel Fall 2013 show, and opened the Fall 2013 Fendi show. In the beginning models, come out in cream colored and monochrome ensembles, some with stripes. Then, models came out in navy and denim, some Spring knit style. Then, came one of my favorite parts, the lace section. Models came out in dresses that were white or navy, draped with lace. Lace dresses are a favorite of mine. And least but not least, came the evening gown section, models came out in Monochrome graphic printed dresses, and others came out in dresses with both black and white, and sparkles pose draped with precious pearl necklaces, for yet another Beautiful and Oh so Classy, and Chic Chanel show.

Here are photos of my favorite looks worn by Sigrid Agren, Lindsey Wixson, Ondria Hardin, Sui He, Agne K., Aymeline Valade, Ashleigh Good, Esther Heesch, and Jacquelyn Jablonski

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