Flowers and Lace Chic at Tory Burch Resort 2014

image image image image image image image image image

Tory Burch presented her Chic Resort 2014 collection today, showing off lots of Flowers, Tweed, White, Lace, and Chic Straw hats. Some of my favorite trends, for an Oh-So-Tory Burch collection.

Model Julia Fraunche shows off the 24 look collection, decked out in Flowers, Lace, White, and Tweed for a Very Classy and Chic Tory Burch collection. The hair is left down, showing off Beautiful, Summery waves.

The collection starts off with Julia decked I out in flowers and paisley prints, in shades like orange, green, and white. She carries her Chic straw clutch throughout the collection, and wears many Chic, floppy hats that match her Chic looks. Then, come flowers on Chic long, flowy Summer dresses in many styles in the Chic color of blue in many different shades. Then, comes blue and teal dresses, and jackets showing off Chic white and Chic white lace. Then stripes are added into the Chic mix in shades of blue, still showing off Chic white tops and skirts. White is Key. And then ending with a Chic navy floral printed dresses and skirts. Very Tory Burch Chic.

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