Chic Summer Clothing Ideas – Stripes

Chic Summer Clothing Ideas – Stripes

As the days get longer, and warmer and summer comes along. As you get invited to more parties, concerts, hanging out with friends, and going on vacations. It sometimes gets harder to decide on how to do Your Hair and … Continue reading

Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Fendi Present a Chic Fendi Resort 2014 Collection Filled with Brights, Leather Jackets, Feather Clutches, and Flower Heels

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Fendi Creative directors, Silvia Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld presented their Beautiful Chic Fendi Resort 2014 collection today in Milan. After looking at this Beautiful collection, I feel like that even if you were on another galaxy, everybody will know that you’re wearing Fendi.

Top Models, both from New Jersey, Jacquelyn Jablonski and Juliana Schurig show off 31 looks filled with Fendi Classics like the: Feather clutch, Leather jacket, Bright shades like Tangerine, and Fur. All Fendi staples. Those pieces were reworked in with exciting patterns on dresses, and every look had a Fendi heel, in many assorted colors, with a flower on it for that Very Chic and feminie vibe. There were lots of Chic trench coats in Bright shades added to dresses in a Very Neutral shade. And like the Fall 2013 collection, there were many dresses and jackets in fur, with vertical stripes going down the jacket in many different colors. So Fendi Chic. And like the Spring 2013 collection, there were many shades like creams and tangerine, and the were a lot of Chic Fendi leather jackets similar to the ones from the Spring 2013 collection. Every look had either a Chic Fendi baguette in a neutral  shade, or a feather clutch, like the ones from the Spring 2012 collection.  Overall, the collection brought a Very Chic and Feminine vibe, with that little bit of edge, making it wearable for anybody.