Chic Summer Clothing Ideas – Stripes

Chic Summer Clothing Ideas - Stripes

As the days get longer, and warmer and summer comes along. As you get invited to more parties, concerts, hanging out with friends, and going on vacations. It sometimes gets harder to decide on how to do Your Hair and Makeup, and What to Wear for every little event you have this summer, to make this year’s summer more memorable.
Vertical or Horizontal, Big or Little, And in Any color stripes just have never seemed to go out of style. Especially, since they made an appearance at just about every Spring 2013 show this season. Stripes also made a comeback at the Resort 2014 season, at the Chanel, Gucci, and the Moschino Cheap and Chic show. They make for a great summer staple, worn on a dress, shorts, or on a top or skirt.
For a more fun look, wear brights paired together, or with white. For a more Classy look, go for the Nautical look in either black, navy, or even red paired with white.
However you wear stripes, you’ll be sure to look Very Chic this summer season.

Aymeline Valade shows off the Chic Stripe Trend, Nautical style at the Chanel Resort 2014 show in Singapore.

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