Donatella Versace Puts the Sexy and Edge into her Chic Resort 2014 Collection

image image image image image image

Who says you can’t wear fur and black in the summertime? Versace Creative Director, Dontella Versace says not so. As she put Chic fur elements, and black as the key shade into her Sexy and Edgy, and so Versace Resort 2014 collection.

Two Models, on male, and one female, show off a 24 page collection, filled with Black, Fur, Leopard print, Sexy Versace cutouts, and a Chic black and white kalidoscope style print. There were many sexy, skin tight dresses showing off lots of leg. Leather and Studded jackets, also played a key role. While denim was given an edgy twist, paired with a black top and studded. And of course the hair left down, showing off Very Chic and Edgy style waves to go perfectly with the collection.

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