Riccardo Tisci Shows off Confetti Looks in his Chic Givenchy Resort 2014 Collection

image image image image image image image image

Joan Smalls shows off many of the fun looks.

Now who doesn’t love confetti? There are few who don’t, and even better, Riccardo Tisci Givenchy‘s Creative director shows off such fun confettied looks in his Resort 2014 collection.

Tisci began using neutrals like oversized khaki jackets, denim dresses, strapless white dresses, and Chic tailored suits in hues of black and white. And then…….Boom!!!!!! There comes the confetti!!!!!!! Flowers and polka dots in Chic pink and pastel hues cover black, white, and khaki giving the neutrals a fun, needed color. Soooooo fun and Chic.


Do you think that Riccardo Tisci’s confetti addition was fun? Would you wear a confetti look from the Givenchy Resort 2014 collection?

Sound off your opinions in the comments section


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