Chloe Alum Blue Farrier takes over as Creative Director at Issa, designing an Under the Sea Chic Issa Resort 2014 Collection

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With Daniella Helayel leaving Issa London, and Chloe alum Blue Farrier taking over as  Creative director, an under the sea inspired collection, showing resemblance of both designers was born.

Using bright colors like teal, blue, and green on long, flowy dresses and fun patterns like Helayel would use when she designed for Issa. The baggy pant was also big. And many halter tops and dresses in aqua and fish printed dresses, were HUGE looking Very Chic for a beach vacation in Capri or Australia, or Bali. Anywhere you go on the beach, you’ll be sure to look Chic in Issa London Resort 2014


Many Gorgeous Haute Couture Evening Gowns at Badgley Mischka Resort 2014

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Badgley Mischka is known for their just Beautiful Evening gowns, whether Sparkly, Silk, and Sheer the designers ALWAYS seen to make it look so effortlessly Beautiful. For Badgley Mischka Resort 2014, the designers used light hues like white and aqua, and Sexy summer a shades like a fun, Bright hot pink. Every single dress was Beautifully embroidered with precious jewels, for lots of bedazzle. Each dress also ended in a Gorgeous train, Very red carpet or Cannes ready. Many feminine and Classy fabrics like silk and lace were used. Also red and emerald bedazzled gowns were made, for a more edgy feel. Badgley Mischka definately designed the Perfect Resort 2014 collection, for just about every girl going to prom to be able to find their perfect dress for the biggest night of the year.

Stella McCartney Gives Python a Soft and Sweet Feel for Resort 2014

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Model Tilda Lindstam shows off many of the Sweet and Feminine Pythoned looks.

This Resort 2014 season, as many snakeskin prints have been in style and designers have been giving it a Chic feel of their own, Stella McCartney definately impressed me, by giving phyton, a funky and edgy snakeskin print a soft and sweet feel.

With a khaki colored phyton print, Stella McCartney pairs it with light pastel shades like Baby pinks, blues, and yellows. White was also a key shade in pairing. McCartney also used feminine staples like flowers and lace, pairing it with phyton prints for a really fun, and sweet feminine feel.

Other than the phyton print, Stella McCartney also designed many very Feminine dresses in sheer and silk fabrics. Using colors like pastels as before, and adding in blacks and tangerine brights. Ruffles gave dresses a bouncy, fun feel while the baggy pant was also used, to give a more causal feel to sweet feminine looks. So Fun, Sweet, Feminine, and Casual at the same time. Amazing.

Alberta Ferreitti Uses Chic Neutrals and Pastels for a Very Feminine Resort 2014 Collection


Italian Fashion Designer, Alberta Ferreitti definately knows how to make any piece look feminine and Chic. This time around Ferrietti uses Chic neutral shades, black, and pastels giving them a Feminine twist.
Using Chic sheer fabrics and lace with black, Chic white suits and trench coats, and silver sparkly fabric paired with white, black, and lace. Alberta Ferreitti sure knows how to make anything look feminine. Giving a fun vibe, Ferreitti incorporated the Chic zebra print, pairing it with lace and white suit separates making it very work appropriate. And for some Sweet Glamour, Ferreitti designed many Chic evening gowns in black or pastel shades that are perfect for the evening.

Hedvig Palm shows off many of these Chic looks