Alexander Wang Gives Leather Feminine Accents for Resort 2014

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Alexander Wang, known for his Chic punk and edgy clothing took the more feminine side by showing that you can look feminine and edgy at the same time, in his Egdy with feminine accents Resort 2014 collection.

Alexander Wang used leather as a key fabric, for Chic pleated skirts, Classy jackets, and dresses with a little fun, Sexy bounce. He designed the dresses in key neutral shades like tan, black, and white and even added a more Girly, feminine side to the collection with pink. Wang also used tweed in his collection on Chic, more edgy grey suits, but still very feminine due to the tweed incorporated into the collection. Very Edgy and feminine at the same time. Perfect for any girl who dresses feminine and wants to look edgy, or dresses edgy and wants a little bit if feminity in their wardrobe.

Marc Jacobs Uses Classic Staples with a Chic Modern Twist for Louis Vuitton resort 2014

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Model Ondria Hardin shows off the Chic, Classy looks from the Louis Vuitton Resort 2014 collection.

Marc Jacobs used Classy staples and converted them to make it more modern. Very Chic and very Louis Vuitton. Jacobs used many classic staples like the shade tan, big buttons, denim, suits, nautical stripes. Yellow, ruffles, and long flowy dresses gave the collection a modern Chic twist. And silk was used paired with a Chic n black jacket. Shades like red, black, yellow, sky blue, and emerald were all Chic key shades. Definitely a collection I would wear up North or in Annapolis I on the East coast, or to any Classy Chic city like Paris or London in Europe. Perfection.

J Mendal Plays with Multiple Fabrics Textures for an Ultra Feminine Resort 2014 Collection

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Model Bette Franke shows off many of the Feminine looks.

Fashion designer J Mendal played with many different fabric textures, resulting in an Ultra feminine, (as always), collection. Using about every fabric from sheer to silk to even some types of furs. Black and white were key colors, as the beginning of the collection started with Chic dresses, and shirt and skirt, or suit ensembles in this year’s two Chicest colors, black and white. Then at the end of the collection, pinks and tans were added in, showing off crop tops that are bedazzled and STUNNING evening gowns that could easily be found at the Emmy‘s, or in Cannes. Fur shaws were paired with sheer fabric dresses, for a vintage Chic look. Very Chic and Ultra Feminine.

Dior Announces Robert Pattinson as It’s Newest Face Following celebrities like: Nataile Portman, Jennifer Lawerence, and Supermodels Daria Strokous and Karlie Kloss, Dior announces that the former Twight star, Robert Pattinson will be the Newest face of the Iconic brand. Check out the video from Clever Tv News, showing his newest ad with the brand and much more!