Christopher Kane shows Conservative Staples and Fun staples for Resort 2014

image image image image image image image image image image

Scottish designer, Christopher Kane shows conservative and funky pieces for Resort 2014. The beginning starts out with very conservative grey suits, dresses, and top and skirt ensembles in a tweed material, also with big buttons, for a very Classy, Fall 2013 vibe. Kane also used black short, summery dresses paired with fun color blocking in bright shades like cobalt blue, daffodil, and hot pink. Pairing it with the cage, for a very Chic vibe bringing back that cage from the Spring 2013 collections, and brights which were HUGE at Fall 2013 and Resort 2014 fashion week. Then, after that, Kane had many dresses and bright shades, daffodil and hot pink were key colors, with many color blocking, and the cage. Sometimes, the Chic cage was all over the dress. Very Chic, and will definitely let anybody be able to make a fun, Chic statement for Resort 2014. Kane definitely created the ideal collection for anybody who likes to dress conservative, and make a statement, or do both.


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