Arizona Muse and Daria Strokous Look Classy and Chic at the 2013 Royal Racecourse


Wearing Classy, and Beautiful Royal Hats and Gorgeous Classy and Chic dresses, like at the Royal Wedding two years ago. Supermodels Daria Strokous and Arizona Muse channel the Royal style, both with a fun, Chic twist at the 2013 Ascot Royal Race.

Supermodel Daria Strokous wears a fun, black dress, taking the plunge with a collar on the v neck in Chic and Beautiful velvet material. The rest of the dress, black, with a Chic and Fun white fabric underneath an overlapping black fabric. All in a Beautiful silk material, very Fall 2013. To go with the dress, Strokous wears a fun black hat, screaming Royal Wedding, with white swirly thingys sticking up into the air. Very Beautiful and Chic. And to make a Chic statement, Strokous wears simple, black heels keeping her look very classy and polished.

Supermodel Arizona Muse wears a Beautiful plain white blouse, with a Chic navy blue maxi skirt. She wears a black belt, very Fendi Fall 2012, at the waist separating the top and the skirt. Muse also wears a Chic simple silver necklace, and a statement bracelet, kind of cuff like that’s beaded and very Bohemian inspired but also very fun and Chic. To finish off the look, Muse wears a Chic, small fedora with a hint of black going with the belt for a very Fun, Chic, and Summery look.

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