Terry Richardson Photographes Lindsey Wixson with her new Look

This morning I went onto Lindsey Wixson‘s Fashion Spot thread, to see many more photos, and reviews of Lindsey Wixson’s new Look. The photo that I had posted yesterday, I thought that the style was really Cute, Chic and Versaitle. But when I saw the many photos of Wixson’s new look the style looked horrible on her, and the style makes her look like a Skateboarding Punk Chic. Most of the people who commented on her status would agree with this statement. And one person said that the style is not Versaitle, I could agree 100%. Her signature locks that she used to have got her really far into the modeling industry, I don’t really know what this new look will do for her.

Here are some shots from Wixson’s photoshoot with Terry Richardson:






To view all the comments and photos on Lindsey Wixson’s new hairstyle from The Fashion Spot, visit page 45 and 46 of Lindsey Wixson’s thread on the Fashion Spot.






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