Harpers Bazaar Korea’s 17th Anniversary Special

Harpers Bazaar Korea's 17th Anniversary Special

The August 2013 Issue of Harpers Bazaar Korea marks the 17th Anniversary of the magazine itself. And who better to cover the Issue than French/Swedish Supermodel Sigrid Agren herself?
Sigrid Agren shows off the black tweed buttoned jacket with the Chic white collar, and a matching black tweed pleated skirt from Chanel’s Fall 2013 collection. Attached to the bow on the collar, Agren shows off a Chic punk and edgy silver pendent from Chanel’s Pre Fall 2013 accessories collection. The nails are painted black, with silver rings on many of the fingers. Her makeup done with a Chic, emerald smokey eye and eyeliner to do all the talking makeup wise. Agren’s her is done in a Chic punk spiff like style pulled back.
And in the top right hand corner, a smaller photo of Sigrid comes up, wearing a Victorian, Queen like black feathered collar, and feathers on the sleeves and bottom of her Sexy short, black tweed dress. All very Chic.

I will post the editorial when it’s released.

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