Daria Strokous Clowns it Up in i-D

Russian Supermodel, Daria Strokous stars in a shot of i-D’s Pre Fall 2013 Street issue, looking none other than a pathetic clown.
She sits on a bench, in what appears to be outside a rundown factory, holding a kite with clouds. With her hair in pig tails, with super crazy curls, and creepy super pale foundation, wearing Saint Laurent Fall 2013, Strokous looks like a clown. I really enjoy I-D Magazine for Super fun, and Chic shots capturing the beauty and fun of fashion. But this shot really leaves me unappealable. With the clown like makeup, hair, and clothing with the rundown like setting it looks like two worlds in one photo. NOT APPEALING!!! Put her in a circus instead.

Tell me if you agree or not in the comments.


One thought on “Daria Strokous Clowns it Up in i-D

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