Freya Dalsjo Spring 2014


This morning, sort of forgetting that Copenhagen Fashion Week was going on, I was looking through Lindsey Wixson‘s Fashion Spot thread and came across photos of Freya Dalsjo’s Spring 2014 collection. A show which Wixson herself opened and closed.
I really liked Freya Dalsjo’s Spring 2014 collection, the collection had a lot of very Sportwear inspiration but made it look more feminine and dressy by using silk fabrics. Making the clothing easily able to be worn from daytime to the evening. Dalsjo used a variety of colors from Chic pastels, to neutrals, and using a hint of a bright orange here and there. Silk was definitely the key fabric as Dalsjo designed many of her dresses, and robes in that feminine fabric. While using a hint of the fabric similar to those found on basketball jerseys really bringing in the Sportwear theme. Kind of reminding me of Rihanna‘s orange top in that fabric, paired with her Chic cobalt blue bikini last Spring. Dalsjo uses only three models, each showing off a couple of the dresses from her collection. I really liked how Dalsjo had a section in the middle of her collection where each of the three models wore the same dress, just with different jackets and Acessories each of the three times. Showing off a variety of ways that you can show off one piece of clothing. Something that I wish more designers today should do.

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