2. Louis Vuitton’s Handbags

image image image image

Daphne Groeneveld, Lisa Verberght, ?, and Shu Pei each show off one of the many Louis Vuitton handbag styles for Fall 2013.

While looking at Louis Vuitton’s Fall 2013 collection the day just minutes after it was posted on Style.com, I just really fell in love with the clothing and the handbags. I just really loved all the fur and snakeskin handbags and clutches, but the piece that I had my eye on the most was definitely the fur handbag that Daphne Groeneveld had carried walking through the Hotel Louis Vuitton. With all the models cruising down the Halls of the Hotel Louis Vuitton, each in very feminine sleepwear ensembles that fur and snakeskin handbags really gave the look a more feminine and Chic feel, making every Louis Vuitton girl look ready to conquer anything this Fall 2013 season.
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Make sure to tune in everyday for the month of September for more #countdownmania.

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