Tadashi Shoji Spring 2014

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   I am pretty obsessed with Tadashi Shoji’s Ultra feminine and Ladylike Collection, being one of the most feminine and Classy people to live. I just love the all the Beautiful pastel lace dresses, perfect for any tea party, Church, Going out, and for work. Now I think I even know this early what I’ll be sporting on Easter. The Spring plaids are just so Beautiful, I’ve always loved Spring plaids, I’ve sported them ever since I was born. And after a plaid filled Fall, I’m definitely happy to see the Spring plaids take the Runway by storm.

image image image image

    The makeup is left very Classy and natural. While the hair is left down with effortless and Classy waves letting the delicate and Beautiful clothing do all the talking.

image image image image image image

  As the Beautiful feathered, sheer and Sparkly evening gowns go down the Tadashi Shoji runway, I definitely now see the perfect Gown to wear to any upcoming movie Premeire or party. In Stunning black, white, and shades of blue. I feel like I’m underwater with the beautiful blue hued gowns, which I have always been extremely fond of.

image image image image image image


  Caroline Brasch Nielson, Mackenzie Drazen, Julia Fraunche, Tian Yi, Manon Leloup, Nastya Kusakina, Julia Fraunche, Mackenzie Drazen, Erjona Ala, Manon Leloup, Nastya Kusakina, Mackenzie Drazen, Caroline Brasch Nielson, and Tadashi Shoji look Stunning in Shoji’s Ultra feminine and Classy designs.

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