Kate Spade Spring 2014

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Kate Spade always has such a fun, and Chic collection each season. For Spring, you see many floral prints, stripes, and a Chic lemon print, which I know will definitely be featured in all the magazines this Spring. With many collections for Spring, neutral and pastel shades definitely take the lead when it comes to colors, with a Chic pop of bright red or pink here and there. And Kate Spade is not an exception to that. As the brand branches off into using many more pastel and neutral shades with a pop of Bright colors here and there, as opposed to Spade’s Fall collection.

image image image image

And of course, the bold and Beautiful Kate Spade handbags were seen all over the collection. In polka dots, checkers, and some even in the style of clock or with different quotes written on them. Definitely something that might be seen in a future   Countdown Mania. But my favorite was the straw bag, with yellow thread personalized on it saying, “If life give you lemons,” on the front. With, “Make Lemon Chicello,” personalized in the same yellow thread on the back. Definitely my most obsessed collection accessories wise for Spring.


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