Derek Lam Spring 2014

image image

The hair was left down or in a Natural, effortless ponytail, (depending on what look the model wore). The makeup was left very natural, and Beautiful with an Edgy zig-zag cat eye across the eye. Makeup Done by the Estée Lauder crew.

image image

Derek Lam begins his collection, sending models down the runway in navy or black and white, not your tablecloth checkered printed ensembles. Some with a cloth tied around their head, for a very modern, Gypsy or African inspired look.

image image

Models then come down the runway in Beautiful trench coats and shirts, paired over very feminine lace dresses, in your light, more pastel shades. Lam pairs the feminine and Girly ensembles with Gladiator sandals, very gypsy inspired. For an edge to the Sweet lace and pastels.

image image

At the end of the show, Lam sends models down the runway in either black or white dresses, with the shoulders peeking through. Each with a Beautiful fringed neck scarf. The last few looks consisted of Beautiful monochromatic gowns, my favorite a strapless gown in the shade of Daffodil.

image image

Pictured: Kaitlin As, Alana Zimmer, Andrea D., Marine Deeluw, Mirte Maas, Tilda Lindstam, Vanessa, and Derek Lam

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