13. Chanel Furry Hats

image image image image

Pictured: Cara Delevingne in a mint hat, and Magda L. in a blue hat

You know you’re never too old for colored hats! As Karl Lagerfeld designs an array of furry hats; in a pastel pink, which I call ballet pink, mint green, and cobalt blue. For the Chicest hat you can have this Fall 2013 season. I just really admired how Lagerfeld pairs them with very Chic, conservative black and grey tweed ensembles, giving them a Chic fun twist at Chanel. Just the perfect way for anybody at any age to give a fun twist to their look, especially if it’s solid, or a neutral shade.
Available in Chanel boutiques and online at chanel.com in November

One thought on “13. Chanel Furry Hats

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