Mary Katrantzou Spring 2014

image image image image

Mary Katrantzou begins her Stunning Spring collection using many different shades, (mostly brights), and textures and mixing them with others. Creating many very Fun, Bold, and also a little Edgy looks but still with a Feminine and Ladylike vibe.

image image image image

The end of Katrantzou’s collection was absolutely Stellar. Collaborating with Swarovski Jewels, Katrantzou sends out models in Beautiful floral printed, (Swarovski bedazzled), dresses. Each with their own fun flare, like ruffles, a fun full skirt, or in a Unique and Sexy strapless style. The dresses, perfect for any occasion like Going out, paired with a white Caridgan for a Formal Wedding or Party, or even when vacationing.

image image


Pictured: Manuela Frey and Mary Katrantzou

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