17. Fendi’s Handbags

17. Fendi's Handbags

When Ashleigh Good made her way down the runway at Fendi Fall 2013, the fur filled Fendi collection had come about. From fur everywhere, on the clothing, bags, and of course the shoes. And I just admired Fendi’s fur handbags. I just love how Karl Lagerfeld always does something so different and unexpected for Fendi, giving the handbags, and it’s signature Fendi baguette such a Chic, different twist each time. People always want something different, who doesn’t? Nemin Marcus offers a great variety of Fendi handbags, straight off the Fall 2013 runway, in many different colors and styles. And when worn, you’ll definitely be sure to make such a Bold and fun statement.
Get Yours At:
$6400-$7200, depending on handbag, neminmarcus.com

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