N 21 Spring 2014

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For Spring, I just love how N 21‘s Creative Director, Alessandro Dell’Acqua mixed feminine and Classy elements, with many Casual, more Menswear like elements. Many of the ensembles throughout the collection are very Preppy tops paired with Sexy Sparkly and Lace pencil skirts. Definitely perfect Cocktail and Going Out attire.

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Dell’Acqua also included many sleepwear elements in his collection, with many silk button-downs and dresses in shades of all kinds, and many Menswear Chic blouses paired with baggy shorts and Sexy pencil skirts. There is also a little bit of a Menswear vibe throughout this collection, with many Menswear like blouses and jackets. But the N 21 collection still has that such feminine and Romantic vibe, when paired with feminine styles of lace, ruffles, and silk. A Lace pencil skirt pick-me-up in February? Yes Please!

image image image image


Pictured: Catherine McNeil, Julia Fraunche, Katya Riabinkina, Liu Wen, Meghan Collison, Hanne Gaby, Manuela Frey, Tian Yi, Juliana Schurig, and Alessandro Dell’Acqua

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