Blumarine Spring 2014

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Blumarine’s Creative Director, Anna Molinari stated that “A hidden garden on a summer night,” was that starting point for this Stunning very wearable Spring 2014 collection. With Kati Nescher kicking off the Stunning collection, with an array of Beautiful white lace dresses, with butterflies and flowers. The Blumarine is definitely ready for a summer wedding.

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Halfway through the collection, things change up from white lace dresses, to silk dresses and suits, in bright hues of red and Daffodil. And then, black. There were many snakeskin and sparkled gowns. Including the Stunning ruffled Snakeskin printed short dress, paired with a black silk many buttoned jacket, that Maud Welzen sported. Which I instantly fell in love with.

image image

And the last few Evening gowns?!!! Draped in feathers!!!!

image image


Pictured: Kati Nescher, Juliana Schurig, Catherine McNeil, Maud Welzen, Yumi Lambert, Lindsey Wixson, Manon Leloup, Nadja Bender, Maud Welzen, Andrea D., Lindsey Wixson, Anna Ewers, and Anna Molinari

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