Cedric Charlier Kicks off Paris Fashion Week

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Inspired by Martial Arts, Cedric Charlier designs a Beautiful, Simple, and feminine and elegant collection. “A reflection of protection,” is how Charlier described the collection to WWD, backstage, post-show. “I wanted to get into the idea of martial seduction.”

So Charlier did, with silhouettes were very simple, and Drapy, describing a Martial Arts uniform very well. With the looks very Minimalistic, throughout the whole entire collection.

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Towards the end of the collection, Charlier incorporated in very big and bold stripes. Really giving the collection a Fun feel, compared to the Navy and Neutral hued ensembles before. Then came an array of silk and sequined ensembles, each still in a very simple silohouette. The last look, worn by Sasha Luss, gave a Chic, bold contrast with an Aqua top, paired with a tangerine skirt. Bringing a very vibrant feel to the collection. A definate successful kickoff to Paris Fashion Week.

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Pictured: Janice Alida, Juliana Schurig, Daiane Conterato, Ikeliene Stange, Juliana Schurig, Sasha Luss, and Cedric Charlier

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