26. Louis Vuitton Sparkly Pumps

27. Louis Vuitton Sparkly Pumps

In one of 2013’s Biggest Trends, a black sheer fabric with the Louis Vuitton logo printed all over the pump. It kind of reminds of Dorothy’s red slippers, but in a Chic, more versatile black. I just love how when you go by, you’re black pumps Sparkle and shimmer. So Glamourous. Plus! The pumps are very versatile, meaning they’ll go with anything from your Cocktail dresses, jeans, and your LBD’s, Year Round! Wherever you go, you’ll definitely leave a sparkle, shimmery mark, just like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.
Get Yours At:
Night Call Pump in Embroidered Fabric $1280 louisvuitton.com
Call 1.866.VUITTON for personalized advice or store availability.

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