Look of the Week Wednesday – Sleepwear Elements

Look of the Week Wednesday - Sleepwear Elements

Today at School, it was PSAT and Pajama Day!!!!! The PSAT part – not that fun. But the Pajama Day part – time to show off some Sleepwear elements. I pose outside with my beloved Yorkie, Butters, the best accessory to any outfit. Showing off my Swedish Teal printed silk pants, I wear a matching silk baroque printed Sleepwear top, (which you can only sort of see), in a lighter shade of blue that I actually got at a Consignment Store. For school, I sported 3 curlers in my hair, (which I never really wear, my hair is naturally wavy), for the feel that I woke up late and had no time to take out all my curlers. A Chic very Hotel Louis Vuitton kind of feel. And for Panera Bread with my Dad, post-PSAT, I just threw on my very Elegant white Fall/Spring trench. The perfect way to make anything, (even Sleepwear), look Chic and Glam while out and about.

If you are interested in being part of Look of the Week Wednesday, or have a photo of a look from a collection, their Streetstyle or an event. You can send them to my email address, buttersthompsonrocks@gmail.com. With the subject Look of the Week. For your chance to be featured as the Look of the Week!

And come back tomorrow for Throwback Thursday!

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