New Underage Model Law- How will it Revolutionize the Fashion World?

Most people when they think of a Supermodel, you see Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Gisele starring on all the latest Ad Campaigns, and on the Covers on all the Hottest magazine covers. Making tons of money. One thing for sure is that most of the Models are actually underage, and don’t get paid. Fortunately, Teen Vogue reports that a New Underage Model law has been passed, and will take effect in 30 days. Mandating how much underage models can work, and also when, aka school days and nights out of the question. Not to mention on-set tutors and supervisors backstage. And Supermodel Coco Rocha couldn’t agree more with this new law. She says that it’ll help models aged 18 and 19 go even further in their modeling careers, as opposed to them slowing down. Having started her modeling career at 15, I definitely think that the Fashion Industry is definately going in the right step with this new legislation. And being just a year younger than Coco was when she started her modeling career, and as a Freshman in High School all I’m focusing on is getting my assignments done in school, and create a blog that will hopefully make headlines in the future. With the Fashion Industry’s New Underage Model Law, more girls will be focused on getting their assignments done, (and graduating High School), than taking the Runway by storm. Just look at how far Juliana Schurig went after her remarkable runway debut last year at Alexander Wang, after finishing up High School in New Jersey.


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