A Fashion Show On the Subway?????

A Fashion Show On the Subway?????

  As São Paulo Fashion Week goes on right now, ordinary folks in the city get lucky enough to have a taste of Haute Couture for the price of a Subway ticket. As Models in São Paulo hopped on the Subway in Haute Couture duds from some of the city’s hottest designers. As the designs of Runway fashion may seem over the top to the ordinary person. Or as it seems with the people at my school. The ordinary people of São Paulo were pleasantly surprised. As many aren’t in the Fashion Industry, the people seemed to enjoy the touch of Haute Couture, appreciating what the designers of their city can do. 

   São Paulo Fall 2014 Fashion Week is currently going on in São Paulo this week. São Paulo Fashion Week lasts until this Friday, November 1, 2013. And Gisele will be making an appearance on Thursday, October 31. 

 Make sure to click the link, for an exclusive video and article from the Huffpost.com

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