My Daytime Halloween Costume

My Daytime Halloween Costume

For the daytime, I went as Dracula’s Bride, (or a witch if you want to say), this Halloween. I pretty much left everybody terrified with my Chanel Spring 2013 Haute Couture inspired eye makeup, and red lipstick. As I stormed through the hallway at school today.
When it comes to clothing, I wore one of my all-time favorite LBDS, a knit sleeveless one with none other than bedazzle. Which also looks nice enough on me, leaving a belt out of the question. On top of that, I wore a silk cape, which my Maternal Grandmother, Judi had sewn for me back in the 3rd grade, matching the witch costume that I had worn that year. I topped off the look with a feathered witch hat, (which I pretty much had off all day since it kept falling off throughout the school day). And tonight, I’ll be handing out candy to all the little kids that come to the door, as Dracula’s bride. Make sure to check back later to see pictures of what I wear tonight.

Have a Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!

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