#ootd Preppy Chic

#ootd Preppy Chic

As you may already know, I have always admired the Preppy and Classy styles, that never really seem to leave the well-known Fashion Radar. So today, I decided to wear my new black, lavender, grey, and fuschia argyle sweater, (which has been on my wish-list since I saw an array of designer Fair Isle and Argyle sweaters about 2 weeks ago, when shopping at Marshall’s). I decided to pair my Classy and Chic new find with my Houndstooth wool skirt, sewn by my maternal Grandmother, Judi last year. Bringing a Chic, and very Preppy mix of prints into play. Matching the knit of the argyle sweater, I decided to wear my black knit tights. And as I was thinking last night, my leather moccasin flats, (which I like never wear, I got them at a consignment shop last year in Maine), would go perfectly with the Preppy vibe of the Argyle and Houndstooth. As flats, loafers, and moccasins are pretty much the hottest shoe on the Fall Radar this season. Accessory wise, I put on my signature pearls. While I pair my leather and tweed Longchamp like handbag. As hair and makeup goes, I go über Preppy with a high ponytail, very Michael Kors Fall 2013, and a fuchsia lip, bringing out the little arrays of fuchsia in the sweater. Definately a Preppy success.

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