#ootd Oxblood goes Classy

#ootd Oxblood goes Classy

Today, as you may know from my last post, I got my yearly Christmas photos taken with my Yorkie Butters, (see post “Christmas Photos. Check!” for the full story), and I decided to wear none other than the Sexy hue, (and variant of red): Oxblood. As Sexy, rich hues of red and Oxblood are pretty much my favorite hues these days, I decided to wear my velvet Oxblood top and skirt, with a slit of course, that my Grandmother Judi had sewn for me. Thinking of the delicate white lace dollies that my Grandmother would use as place mats during the Holidays, against that rich, silk Oxblood table cloth, the look inspired me to wear my strand of pearls for a very Ladylike and Delicate look, also a little Great Gatsby, but also not too much of a plain feel. And the cardigan, a cream colored wool with delicate silver diamonds, instead of buttons. Going perfectly with my pearls, and perfect for a Holiday sparkle. Taking inspiration from Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection, where rich hues of Oxblood were mixed with leopard prints, I decided to sport my leopard print flats with a leather lining and bow, (which sadly you can’t see in this picture). And lastly, my nude colored Great Gatsby hat, which I’m now like obsessed with, going perfectly with the Oxblood, and bringing out the tan and black in the leopard printed flats. Definitely a perfect look for the Holiday season.

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