#ootd The Kilt Gets Sexy

#ootd The Kilt Gets Sexy

As today marks 30 days until Christmas, I decided to simply prove that wearing a kilt can be Sexy and ready for a night out. Wearing my Sexy Red, Cobalt, Black, White, Yellow, and Kelly Green kilt, that my Grandmother, (who sews many of my skirts and dresses), sewed. One thing that I love about wearing a kilt, is that the skirt fits right at your waist, while the rest of it just flows, creating an instant Hourglass shape. Instead of pairing it with a white blouse, (which many people do when wearing a kilt), I went for my black lace top, (which I just love), from H&M. And on the top, I finished off with my favorite black blazer, a definate staple in my wardrobe. Since I love knits, I decided to wear my knit black tights, pairing them with my black leather moccasin flats. Giving a Preppy feel to the look, but still keeping that Sexy feel within the lace intact. I decided to wear my Haute Couture black hat with red flowers embellished on the side, that my mom got me, while in Paris 2 winters ago. I finished off my look simply with a Sexy red lip. Proving that kilts can look ready for a fun Night (or Day) out.

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