#ootd Strike a Pose and Vogue in Leopard

#ootd Strike a Pose and Vogue in Leopard

When in doubt just simply Strike a Pose and Vogue in front of your Christmas tree. As excited as I am, Thanksgiving Break has just begun. And what better way to kick it off than sporting Leopard????? I think not so. As I wear my leopard print suede dress which my Grandmother sewed me, (one of my favorites this season, actually), pairing it with my silk chocolate and nude “Paris France” scarf. Which was tied around my neck, adding a Chic mix of prints to the look. Tip: when sporting mixed prints make sure that the prints are from the same or similar color families, and if the prints have different color families the prints must have a similar pattern to them; otherwise they’ll clash.
Adding that Sophisticated and Ladylike feel, I wear my skinny black leather belt around my waist. I didn’t even about this until I saw an article on Style.com this afternoon, but the belt is actually in the Pilgrim style, just thinner. Since there was some wet snow and rain out where I am today, I decided to wear my Chocolate Vera Wang tights, which actually feel like sweatpants when you put them on. FYI: Nordstrom‘s “Hue” tights also feel the same way but warmer, if looking for tights that might feel warm on a cold winter’s day). Shoe wise, I went simply for my Chocoalte Eqesutrian boots, matching the chocolate in the leopard dress, the Vera Wang tights, and in the “Paris France” scarf.
Makeup wise, I felt like going a little 60s with some Twiggy inspired lashes, and barely any eyeshadow. While I added a rosy touch to my cheeks, and a red lip, adding the perfect amount of color to a neutral hued look. While my hair simply went up into a bun, and clipped in the back with a Golden flower hair clip that has a pearl in the center. Showing off one of my favorite pair of earrings, which my Grandmother, Ms. Anita gave to me, a golden pair of danglings with the ovals intersecting one another. The Hair & Makeup look, itself, I actually showed off along with the leopard dress and scarf back in September for Picture Day.

In honor of Thanksgiving, make sure to enjoy well celebrated time with family and friends. Remember and think about all the wonderful things that we all have in our lives. Most people aren’t as lucky as us!!!! So be thankful!!!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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