#ootd Cashmere Gets Shiny

#ootd Cashmere Gets Shiny

As yesterday, I was pretty much freezing to death, half of the day, I decided to bundle up today in none other than cashmere. Anyways, what’s better than cashmere on a cold December’s day?
So I decided to pose with a Christmas Mouse today, wearing my Charcoal colored short sleeve cashmere sweater top, and it’s matching cardigan, which my mother had actually given to me 3 weeks previous, saying it used to be my Great-Grandmother, Alice Starkey Creighton’s. As she had been getting many of her Winter clothing out for the season and found the Cashmere sweater and cardigan hanging up in the storage closet, and knew it didn’t fit her, so she gave it to me. I pair it with my navy velvet skirt with silver embellishment, which brings out the diamond necklace I wear around my neck, and the grey from within the sweater, giving it all a more sparkly and shiny feel. I wear matching Charcoal leggings from HUE, (which like I’ve said many times about their tights and leggings, feel just as warm as sweatpants. They just flatter your figure a heck of a whole lot better than sweatpants ever will), bringing out the Charcoal in the sweater. I finish off with some polished silver/charcoal flats, and of course a Cherry red lip.

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