#ootd Golden Baroque Goes Equestrian

#ootd Golden Baroque Goes Equestrian

Since Christmas Spirit is in the air, I decided that what wouldn’t be better than wearing my Golden Baroque full skirted dress????? Last year, my maternal Grandmother Judi had sewn me the Golden Baroque dress, and a matching jacket. And since wearing that to school would be way too dressy, I decided to wear both the dress and jacket underneath my favorite khaki colored corduroy blazer. Also giving the look that Chic equestrian feel. And since there is a hint of the hue, chocolate in my baroque dress and jacket, I decided to bring that hue out with my Vera Wang chocolate colored tights. Luckily, I had the perfect pair of shoes to finish off the look: Chocolate snakeskin pumps, (which feel very Prada Fall 2013), with a golden buckle.
Accessory-wise, I went a bit Great Gatsby, wearing my strand of pearls and my long golden necklace with a Beautiful diamond starfish pendant, which used to be my late paternal Grandmother Anita’s. Hat-wise, most definitely my nude Great Gatsby hat!!!!!!!
And what better than an Oxblood lip?????

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