#ootd Preppy in Purple

#ootd Preppy in Purple

“All hail purple!!!!!!!!” the theme for my outfit today, which consisted of pretty much anything purple or shiny. Starting off with the skirt, I went with my purple and pink plaid skirt with a slit, which my maternal Grandmother Judi had actually sewn me. And since I have a grape colored, sort of turtleneck like, short sleeve sweater, I decided to pair with the skirt to bring out the grape in the skirt. And the blazer? It actually belongs to my mother, who was generous and sweet enough to let me borrow it this morning, since I was freezing without a jacket on. I have to say, the lavender definately went perfectly with the lavender accents in the skirt, and the silver buttons definately brought out the silver in my Vera Wang tights, and in my bedazzled flats. And did I mention it’s from Brooks Brothers?
To finish off my look, I went with lipstick hue similar to the Color of 2014, Radiant Orchid, bringing out the pink in my skirt, and the purple seen throughout the outfit. Putting my hair up into a bun, showing off my pearl danglings, with a crystal stud that my Step-Grandmother, Miss. Anita gave me, and pinned with a crystallized hair clip in the back, from ELLE.

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