#ootd 1940s Staples Get a Modern, Holiday Twist

Since Christmas is on it’s way, and today marks the beginning of the last week of school before a long Winter Break, I decided that I would kick off the week in Christmas Spirit! 1940s style!!!!! As today was ugly Christmas sweater day at school, I decided to wear my pretty black and silver Escapade sweater, with a luxurious 1940s inspired fur collar. Pairing it with my houndstooth skirt, which my maternal Grandmother Judi had sewn me. Believe or not another 1940s staple. For a Christmas cheer, I wore pretty much my favorite top for the Holiday season, my Sexy red silk Sleepwear inspired top with a peplum, (another 1940s staple: Bonus!). I decided to finish off my look with black tights, which feel as warm as sweatpants, from Nordstrom, my black pointed-toe pumps with a cute leather bow, and of course: Pearls. While hair & makeup wise, a Red lip. But don’t forget the best accessory in the picture: My Yorkie Butters, (who just came back from vacationing in Florida, and got a super short cut), in his candy cane sweater!!!!!!!!

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