#ootd Tutu Gets Ready for the Streets of Paris

#ootd Tutu Gets Ready for the Streets of Paris

At school it’s Spirit Week, and today was tutus and camo day, since I don’t have like any camo, (I wish I did though. I regret not grabbing some of that camo fabric when I went with my maternal Grandmother Judi on our annual season farbic shopping spree this past August, for all the fabulous clothing that she makes me. I mean camo was HUGE at Michael Kors Fall show.), I decided to wear my tutu skirt. But instead of pairing it with all things Sparkles, (like I did 4 weeks ago), I went with tweed. Pairing my Periwinkle and Ballet Pink tweed jacket with the tutu, matching the none other than Ballet Pink on the tutu. For a more Fall/Winter feel, I paired my black lace top, (one of my favorites actually), that I got at H&M. For a more delicate, and Parisian feel, I wore none other than my pearls. Tight-wise, I opted for my black knits, for a delicate and cute contrast with my black leather Marc by Marc Jacobs pumps, with a bow. In the morning, I wore my beret for that utterly Chic Parisian feel that I just love. And for the lips: a Simply Chic Radiant Orchid, (2014’s Color of the Year), lip. Now I couldn’t think of anything better for tutus and camo day.

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