#ootd Vogue Day!!!!!!!


Always strike a pose and Vogue. My very own motto, in honor of today being Vogue Day at school. As many people at school have said to me, “You’re always dressed for Vogue Day!” Even carrying 5 issues of Vogue as I stormed down the halls today, I decided to dress the part, just better.
Wearing my Beautiful Swedish Teal silk Fine China dress. Instead of my tailored blazer, I pair it with my black cardigan, with diamonds as buttons, really bringing out the black and the silver in the dress. For that hourglass shape, I wear my skinny black leather belt with a golden buckle, unnoticably thinking that it really brings out the gold also seen within the dress. Since there was frost this morning as I went off to school at 6:45 in the morning, (Ugh!!!!!), I wore my black HUE leggings from Nordstrom, which feel just as warm as sweatpants. Finishing off the look, I simply wear my favorite aqua chiffon scarf, with Supermodels and Mannequins showing off the most subtle fashions. And polishing it off with my snakeskin tote, which actually holds all of the Christmas cards, presents and candy canes I’ll be handing out tomorrow at school. Makeup-wise, when in doubt, always go Rouge!!!! Especially with those pearl and diamond danglings.

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