#ootd Plaid Gets Bedazzled


As today marked Day 1 of 2 of handing out my Christmas Cards at school, I decided to dress for the spirit!!!!!! Handing out candy canes to everyone in my First period French class, I decided to wear my Rouge, Emerald, Navy, and White wool plaid pencil skirt. Instead of wearing a white blouse, like many people do when wearing plaid skirts, I went for my bedazzled red top, bringing out the red in the skirt. Pairing it with my cream wool cardigan, with diamonds as buttons, bringing out the bits of silver, seen in my red top. Bringing out even more silver, I wear my silver Vera Wang tights, pairing them with my silver bedazzled M. Patrick pumps. Accessory-wise, I wear my pearl and crystal braclets, my diamond danglings, and of course: Red Lipstick. Bringing some Holiday Sparkle and Bedazzle to all.

Here I pose with Prancer, in front of one of the three Christmas trees hanging around at my house.

One thought on “#ootd Plaid Gets Bedazzled

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