Haute Couture Fashion Week Kicks off with Atelier Versace

As excited as I am that Haute Couture Fashion Week has officially began in Paris, making today the first of like 5 days of Glamorous Haute Couture gowns to prance down the hottest runways, and then less than 2 weeks later we see what will be in store for our wardrobes next Fall in New York City, London, and Paris; Donatella Versace has definately hyped up what will be in store for all of us over the next month and a half. The collection showing off the, “Elegance and power of the Comtemporary Goddess,” quoted exactly from Versace’s Official Instagram, really does match up to it’s description. Today’s Goddess comes in many different packages, explaining why the collection shows off many different silhouettes, colors, and styles, each able to enhance the body of a Woman, and really making her feel like a Comtemporary Goddess. Now when you see this collection, you’ll most definately be obsessed.


Images from NowFashion.com

View the full collection & more at NowFashion.com!

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