Alberta Ferretti Takes Inspiration From the Bird

Peacock feathers on a strapless evening gown. Birds embellishing a Cherry red sweater. A mural of birds in their natural habitat give any separte a Classic, yet sensual feel. Alberta Ferretti takes inspiration from none other than the bird. An inspiration that many designers had taken from during the Spring and Pre-Fall seasons, Ferretti gives this Springlike inspiration, more of a Fall twist. As the key hues of the collection were: a rich brown, olive, oxblood, pumpkin, cream, and the colors of the feather of a Peacock. While the Elegant fabric of tweed, gave the collection a that perfect feel of warmth, no fur nesscessary. In my opinion, the red tweed trench would perfectly give any Fall/Winter wardrobe a pop of color, outerwear wise, while any of the sheer lace gowns would make great for a sexy Spring feel, when suffering from Spring fever, and the feathered strapless dresses would leave everybody with their jaws on the ground, at any formal affair.

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