Makeup Look Obsession – Gucci Fall 2014

Tales From a High School Fashionista

A frantic for anything Mod, I couldn’t help but get obsessed when Frida Giannini literally produced my soul collection, to kick off Milan Fashion Week. While the candy coated furs and trench coats made it big on the runway, along with the snakeskin Equestrian boots, what also really left me obsessed was the Makeup Look. I’m pretty much a sucker for Twiggy lashes, (I’m pretty lucky though, since I have long, dark eyelashes if I just put on 1 layer of mascara, I have the Iconic look mastered, and pretty much daily, nowadays), as in the look, the Twiggy lashes were, key while the rest of the look was finished off when a light brown eyeshadow, (which is a staple for me since I have blue eyes and brown eyeshadow is the perfect color for anybody blue eyed), and a glowing foundation. The tousled look with the hair is also…

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