Collection to Obsess Over – Blumarine

Tales From a High School Fashionista

Taking inspiration from Japan, Blumarine Creative Director Anna Molinari interprets the ideas, into silhouettes that just seem to be the Chicest thing at the moment. The golden embellishment on the black kimono like jacket, the fur and embellishment contrast, the Eighties inspired cutouts, (that reminded me very much of Saint Laurent Spring 2014), and the fact that one of my all-time favorite models Sigrid Agren made an appearance, (twice!!!!), left me really blabbing about all things, Blumarine.
I just have to say, flipping through the images of Anna Molinari’s Blugirl collection yesterday, and today’s Blumarine collection, Anna Molinari is most definately a genius, when it comes to fashion. Her designs just give off this perfectly feminine and Elegant vibe, but also have this very powerful and Sensual vibe to them, also. Molinari’s designs, most definately reflect my personal style, leaving me with my jaw on the floor, wanting more.


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