Will Timberland Boots Be the Next Big Thing After UGGs?

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Trends. They come in, and then they go out. They may stay for a while, or they may stay for the blink of an eye. Or they may always stay, which is a Classic. Watching my mom put on a dress this evening for the Glitter Ball that she was attending tonight, she knew she couldn’t wear it since the dress screamed, “too 2013.” Trends are something that pretty much everybody nowadays wants to follow. As the runways may be filled with all things: Eclectic prints, Futuristic Silhouttes, and a variety of Obsessive styles from centuries and decades, pouring in together for a wide-range of styles to choose from. I can’t help but get a headache when pretty much all I see in the halls of a Washington DC High School is The North Face Jackets and UGG boots. It may take one person to start a trend, like the…

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Olympia Le Tan Fall 2014

Today, we go to the land where the Mad Hatter, Card Soldiers, and the Red Queen rule the land. Olympia Le Tan brings us back to the days when we would all spend our days drinking pretend tea, dressing up as our favorite Princesses, playing with our favorite Barbie doll, and watching our favorite Fairytales; such as Alice in Wonderland. While Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland may seem to be the key thing in the collection, Le Tan seems to mix Sensual Parisian staples into the collection. Giving the collection a wearable and more mature feel.

Images from NowFashion.

Tsumari Chisato Gets Artistic

       The artistic trend is definately not going away any time soon!!! Tsumari Chisato takes an artistic approach for Fall. With a catwalk with a backdrop, just as if it came out of The Musuem of Modern Art, models came out in clothing, perfectly cloned for the theme. A Parisian Glamour gets a so 2014 twist.

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