Feminine Staples Get a Bite at Prabal Gurung

“Femininty with a bite,” is how Prabal Gurung describes what the Prabal Gurung girl wants. Approaching 5 years at his own line. As feminine staples such as: The Trenchcoat, A Tailored Suit, Chiffon Dress, A Classic Black Pump, Ruffles, and The LBD; get an edge for Pre-Fall 2014. When the chiffon dress is seen in a Grey geometric pattern. A tailored black blazer gets paired with a white ruffled top, and leather trousers. The Trenchcoat is paired with a leather dress. Ruffles and embellishments give pieces a little extra something. And a black pump with a white tip is paired with black leather knee-highs, for every look seen. The collection, really showing what Prabal Gurung has done over the past 5 years, when femininity gets a bite.

See the full collection at: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/slideshow/2014PF-PGURUNG/#1

Brooke Candy Channels Madonna for Diesel’s Spring 2014 Acessories Campaign

Brooke Candy Channels Madonna for Diesel’s Spring 2014 Acessories Campaign

Fresh Face Brooke Candy, takes on her first modeling job in none other than Diesel’s Spring 2014 Accessories Campaign. Wouldn’t that be an Amazing first modeling job? The shot makes me think of no one other than Madonna. The shot, … Continue reading

Nadja Bender Stars in Gucci Accessories’ Cruise 2014 Campaign

Nadja Bender Stars in Gucci Accessories’ Cruise 2014 Campaign

As Resort 2014 Campaign Season is at it’s peak, and Gucci’s Accessories and Clothing campaign for the Resort season released yesterday. Supermodel, and Gucci favorite, Nadja Bender poses in a Sexy white plunged jumpsuit with Sparkles, which I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

27. Mulberry’s Handbags

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I really admired the versatility of the handbags. As they came in Emerald, Tan, Daffodil, Black, Brown, or White. And of course in many different styles and sizes. Emma Hill showed off a specific colored bag with a specific pattern, making it look even more Chic, and easier for you to find the right color combinations that will make you look Chic this Fall.
Find your soul Mulberry bag at: http://www.mulberry.com/us/shop/womens-bags
$670-$9500, depending on handbag

21. Marc by Marc Jacobs’ Shaped Handbags

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When I first laid my eyes on Marc by Marc JacobsFall 2013 collection, I instantly fell in love with the 1970s inspired collection. With the perm like hair, bright colors, exciting prints, plaid, and the shaped bags. Everything, just perfect. The shaped bags were definitely a big accessory favorite. Coming in shapes of squares, rectangles, and circles, and in colors of a tangerine, red, tan, black, and some in plaid. Just bringing back such a Chic, vintage vibe that I just really fall for. When I was younger, I used to have a circular suit that was pink and had “Barbie” written all over it in big, white bold letters. So it’s just really nice to see the Chic, shaped bags come back in.
Shop similar styles at marcjacobs.com

Pictured: Vanessa Axente, Daphne Groeneveld, Kel Markey, and Elena Bartels